Monday, October 22, 2007

It's Monday

I had my wisdom teeth removed on Friday. It went surprisingly well. I recovered very quickly from the anesthesia and haven't experienced much pain at all, just a bit of soreness. The biggest problem I've faced has been from the effects of the drugs. The have made me quite drowsy, dizzy and disoriented (haha, 3 D's). I was able to drive to class today but I think that may have been a mistake. I have not been able to concentrate very well and I still feel a little disoriented. Hehheh, My mommy is going to drive me home after class.

Another problem that has arisen from all this is the fact that I haven't been able to focus on my school work much over the weekend. I had an Algebra assignment due today which was meant to be done in three parts. I finished the first two parts but not the third. My professor was only going to collect one of the parts to the assignment (don't ask me why he operates like this, I'm still trying to figure him out). I was completely distressed with the fact that I was unable to finish the last part when I knew that I had done so well for the first two parts. I prayed for God's mercy and that my professor would collect one of the first two assignments and not the last. I felt so guilty praying that though because I knew that it was my fault that the assignment was not complete, I should have finished it on Thursday before my surgery. I felt guilty but I still prayed for God's mercy. Well, God is good. When I arrived to class my professor announced that he would not be collecting the assignment until a later date. My mouth dropped. This was not what I prayed for but it was the perfect answer to my prayer for mercy. He has left me completely free of any feeling of guilt. I think God is trying to show me that he does have my best interest at heart and the he will take care of me, but also I need to step it up and do my part. He's given me a second chance. Praise the LORD for his mercy.

Peace Joy to you,


Thursday, October 18, 2007

How I Plan to Spend My Fall Break

It's fall break. WOOT! A time to escape from the norm of everyday school life. Unfortunately for me I don't have any joyous festivities planed for this long weekend. Instead I'm going to have my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow morning and I'll be spending the remainder of the break recovering from it. I have never been under anaesthesia before so I'm really not sure how I'm going to react to it. So, be praying that it all goes well.

In other news...

Today at work was rather interesting for me. I work as a Vet Tech in training at Appalachian Animal Clinic. Today when I came into work they had a dog there that had been shot in the head! Poor puppy, he behaved so well for us. Thankfully he is going to be alright. When the vet was operating on the dog with a bullet, another dog came in that had been in a fight. His lower left eye lid had been peeled back from his face and his check had been punctured all on one bite from his competitor. Now this dog was mean. They had to use a rabies pole to keep him from biting when they were sedating him (a rabies pole is a long stick with a cable on the end that goes around the dog's neck so that it can be controlled without the risk of the handler getting bitten). He's going to be okay too. I also got the chance to prep a cat for treatment of a laceration.

I do have to say that a lot of the stuff I see at work is sort of gross but surprisingly it hasn't bothered me much at all since I started. I really thought that watching surgeries and dealing with blood would bother me some to start with but there hasn't been a single moment that has bothered me more than just the initial "Ouch" of seeing a wound. This is quite an encouragement to me. I can truly see myself doing this for the rest of my life.

Well, I hope the rest of you that are on fall break have a good vacation. Be safe.


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Algebra and Such

Math has never been my strong point. I've struggled with it from early on. I'm not exactly sure why. I've given the subject quite a bit of thought recently and I have come to the conclusion that a possible reason for my struggle is that I am very much an abstract thinker. I don't always deal with absolutes so well. This seems very strange to me considering the fact that I love science and I have made the pursuit of medical discover the aim for my life. Science and Math are so similar in so many ways and yet I have never struggled in Science, it has always been my best subject, and yet I struggle so hard to grasp the concepts of math. Science is something you can see, hear, feel, taste and touch. It's all around us all the time. And although math is seen in every aspect of life it is not really anything that can be experienced except on paper and in the mind. Maybe that is why I struggle with it so much. So how can I make math more real to me? More observable? I want to be able to see it, feel it, understand it, love it, just like I love science. I'm not sure how to do that. Until I discover how to animate this monster I face, I'm just going to have to plug away at it like I'm doing now until eventually the subject is burned into my mind.

I love math... I'm going to keep telling myself that until it comes true, maybe at that point I will have learned the secret to understanding numbers.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

This is Me

Hi, My name is not Meredeth. I grew up in Portland, Maine. I'm attending Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee. I'm Lactose Intolerant, I'm not Bilingual, and I've never seen the Titanic. What else can I tell you about me?

Well, I'm a Pre-Vet major and I currently work at my local Animal Clinic as a Veterinary Technician in Training. Hehe, I watch a Cat get neutered this week... fun stuff. I love animals. I have a dog named Gypsy, a cat named Hiro (yes, named after Hiro Nocamura on "Heroes"), a Cockatiel named Simon, two beta fish named Tango and Rojo, and a horse named Vega.

I'm also an Art minor, I love to paint, draw, and take pictures on my beautiful Nikon D40 (Praise the Lord!). I also love to write and I hope to have novel published within the next couple years. I also plan to visit the Moon someday.

I love Oriental food, Japanese Anime, Tea Kwon Do, and knitting.

That's pretty much me.