Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hurry Up and Wait

Life seems like a big yummy bowl of uncertainty right now.  A sweet and sour mixture of excitement and dread.  Right now I have some really exciting equine opportunities opening up for me, but at the same time I am facing yet another surgery on my right arm. The pain is so great that I have had to put all equine activities on hold until after my surgery. Do you know how hard that is for me? It's like telling a singer they can't sing, or a dancer they can't dance, or an artist they can't paint... or if you want to speak in sport terms, it's like telling an athlete they have to sit on the bench for the rest of the season. Here I am staring at the one thing I want to do more than anything else but I have to force myself to sit back and wait. 

This really really stinks because I was just starting to get back into horse training very seriously. Right before my arm started hurting again I had been going out to the Tri-State Therapeutic Riding Center a few times a week to school the horses there. I was really enjoying that, especially because I could see the difference it made in the horses when they were used for lessons. I still go out and help there now but I can't school the horses right now. As soon as I pick up a whip pain shoots through my arm. Sure, I could probably get on and ride one handed but if I can't school the horse than what's the point? I'm not interested in going for pony rides, I want to work horses!

Well, I'm going to stop complaining and just set my sights on getting better and getting back out there. Want to know what my plans are for when I get all better? That's right, I already have plans and they are exciting! Denise Wright, my friend who runs Tri-State Therapeutic, has a few arabian race horses that will be coming off the track in mid March. Her family breeds and races arabian horses (Bayview Farm).  As soon as I am fit enough to work horses again, I am going to be going out and working with these horses. I will be picking one to be "my" project horse and get it retrained and ready to sell. I am also going to use this horse to make a video of myself demonstrating different horse training exercises from Clinton Anderson's Downunder Horsemanship Method. I want to use this video to show to potential clients/employers.  At the same time I will be journaling my experience and will be posting on this blog.

So stay tuned because it is going to be exciting! And wish me the best for my surgery.

Miranda Joy Turpin