Friday, March 4, 2011

Fundamentals Project Complete!

Hello Fellow Dream Chasers!

The past two months have been full of dream chasing hard work for me. It was really a great start to the new year. In the first week of January I flew back down to Tennessee to stay with Bill and Gloria for a few weeks and finish training Matti using Clinton Anderson's Fundamental Series. I was only supposed to be there for three weeks but I ended up staying seven weeks, thanks to some bad weather we got in the middle. But in the end I got it all done and I have FINALLY finished what I started this summer, I have created a video that demonstrates every exercise in the Fundamental Series. Now, it's not perfect. Matti and I both make our share of mistakes but over all I am pleased with the results. I feel like this video will be beneficial for others who are trying to learn the Fundamentals themselves.  I have posted the video in six parts on YouTube. The run time in total is about 70 minutes. I hope you enjoy. And PLEASE comment! I want to hear what you have to say.

Fundamental Groundwork Part 1

Fundamental Groundwork Part 2

Fundamental Groundwork Part 3

 Fundamental Riding Part 1

Fundamental Riding Part 2

 Fundamental Riding Part 3
Peace and Joy,

Miranda Joy Turpin


Kerry Turpin said...

Miranda, so proud of you. You are doing such a great job! Love you. Mom

Anonymous said...

Hurrah! Job well done, we are proud of you. Good luck and God bless you as you follow your dreams.

Lew and Vivian