Saturday, May 28, 2011


Hello Dream Chasers!

It's good to try new things from time to time, right? Well, today I am doing something different and trying my hand at video blogging. Now, this doesn't mean that I will only be doing video blogs from here on out, but for the time being I just want to see how it goes. You will be able to find all of my blog videos, along with my other training videos, on my YouTube page here:  Please let me know what you think of the video blogs. I appreciate your input.

So, without further adieu: Dream Chaser Entry 1: Anticipation

Miranda Joy Turpin


tkdmom said...

Miranda Joy, you are living what I dreamed of doing so very long ago. I think I will live through you since my dream changed growing up due to just life and the inability to hold fast, my insecurities, and whatnot. I have three wonderful boys, a great husband and have had a wonderful life, so don't get me wrong but I LOVE horses and unfortunately let them go for various reasons. I have my horse back now and will never give them up again. I wish you the best and love the audio blog! I will keep following you and I do hope you are able to make your dreams a reality! Have fun and stay strong!


Rachel RN said...

I am so excited for you, Miranda! I look forward to hearing all about your interview. I wish you the very best of luck and wish so much I could ride along in your pocket :) I guess following this will be the next best thing. I shall be thinking of you next week.
Warm Regards,
Fellow NWC member, Rachel

Miranda Joy Turpin said...

Arlene and Rachel,

I am very glad that you both enjoyed watching my video blog. I'm quiet happy with the amount of feedback I have already gotten about it. I've even had several acquaintances come up and talk to me about it who have never expressed interest in my blog before.

To be honest, it's people like you that have inspired me to really chase after this dream of the apprenticeship. Women like you who have put on hold their dreams of horses to pursue the dream of a family (an equally wonderful dream which one day I will chase after as well). I am doing this for myself, yes, but I am also doing it for people like you. I truly want to help others achieve their horsemanship dreams no mater what stage in life they are at or what jobs they hold. WHEN I become a professional clinician I hope to help others reach their horsemanship dreams that they may have put on hold or even thought were gone altogether. In this way, I really do hope you all are able to live vicariously through me, haha!

I really need the help and encouragement of people like you. Because if I'm just doing this for myself, I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it all the way. It would be too easy for me to settle for second best. So, thank you for your feedback. You really can't even know how much it means to me.

Miranda Joy Turpin

Kim said...

Miranda, you are a HUGE inspiration and I can't wait to hear all about your one week interview! I am 25 and still just trying to figure out exactly WHAT my dream is! It must be so nice to have found your dream to chase.

Maddie said...

Congratulations. I am also working on my DVD to send to DUH. How did your interview week go?

Lydia Johnson said...

hi, my name is Lydia, I am 14, and I just want to let you know, that you have inspired me to follow my dream of becoming an apprenticeship for Clinton Anderson. You have given me a reality check, and also a bit of an idea of what to improve on. Watching your videos has given me an idea of what I would be doing, and has made me set up mini goals for myself to reach the overall goal. Thank you.

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